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N86 vs. N97…competition of two masterpiece

So thinking of a new mobile phone and confused between the new two multimedia monsters of nokia , the n97 and n86. . . . . .

n97 vs n86

So let’s take on the competition between both these gadgets.

Firstly, comes the large touch screen gadget nokia n97  which is venture of multimedia, business, net surfing device. It is basically for those who are 24*7 online and want an good alternative to apple i-phone.

Let’s now face towards some of its features :

* Full qwerty keyboard.
* large 3.0 inch touch screen panel with multi finger action.
* 5-mega pixel camera with dual led flash.
* 32gb internal memory and can be expandable upto 48gb with memory card.
In short it is a storage beast and basically a net surfing device.

Now we come to nokia first ever 8mega pixel device, its nokia n86 which comes with guranteed admiration i.e its so beautiful with its design, grooves’n’curves that it takes heart of millions at once. It is a excellent multimedia device for those who want an excellent i-pod and a great camera embedded in a cellular phone. Also there might not be so much sms junkies around in the world who might need a qwerty keyboard for typing.

Now coming to its specifications :

nokia-n86-8mp-white_25* 8mp carl zeis optics lens and big dual led flash.
* dual slider.
* metal finish all over the body.
* 8gb internal memory and expandable upto 16gb via memory card.
* scratch resistant glass at the front.
Above all, the most attracting part of this device is the scratch resistant glass at the front which retains the beauty of the device.

From all above talk it’s clear that for normal college student n86 is a masterpiece and spending that too money for that device whose function are not going to be exploited is of no use. For me too , as i’m not much curious about the large keypad over device and need an exellent snapshot and good sound playback of the device. . . . I’ll really opt for n86. . .


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